martes, 6 de abril de 2010

Bennupack 1.9

Changelog :

(N)ew (U)pdate (E)rase (W)arning
= Rev 1.9
(U) Dll sqlite3 updated with version 3.6.21
(U) Bennu RC131(18/01/2010)
(N) New DLLS (openCV, VideoVLC, 3DSound, Mod_Mappy, mod_svg, libiconv,mod_fmodex,
mod_notes, New pong Multiplayer example, )
(U) fixed advance examples (DLLs with old version)
(N) New medium examples (VictorIA, Animalicos, draw32test, )
(N) New advance examples (Apocalypso, bennushooter, Danger Quest Monster Night, defendorx,
echo_game, EEEEK EEEEEK HOOOOOOK, humos, maria, push, puzsion, sardines, snailsRace,
zombies2012, zomg, Zverealm, JustFantasy, FenixLand, garlec_apagame, torreta, )


Download Here (Download)

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