lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2009

Bennupack 1.8

Changelog :

(N)ew (U)pdate (E)rase (W)arning
= Rev 1.8
(U) Bennu V1.0 (31/10/2009)
(U) DLL recompiled for Bennu
(U) Update "Curso Fenix.pdf" by Oscar Torrente Artero ( only in spanish).
(N) New examples (MediumExample- Circles by TheosK, DLLExample- chat IRC by sandman,
BasicExample- TallerFenix by Santiago García Jiménez/Iria Prieto Suárez, )
(N) New 3D sprite generator only available in Fenixpack
(N) New 3D tools , Terrain Generator and Md2 Model Viewer(Nice to capture 2d sprites) by Windgate.


Download Here (Download)

Happy christmas to Everyone.. and happy new Year!!!