jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Bennupack Rev 2.4

= Rev 2.4
  (U) Notepad++v5.9.6.2 with SourceCookifier plugin + Bennugd functions Hilighting
      all thanks to Erkosone
  (U) Bennugd compiler r270 (9/11/2011)
  (N) New dll examples( PointerFunction,  )

Download Here

viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Bennupack 2.1

new with tons from resources and surprises!!!!

Changelog :

(N)ew (U)pdate (E)rase (W)arning
= Rev 2.1
(N) New DLL (BennuplayNet, MotionCapture, mod_rands, Fire Dll with new
effects "Diablo2 and reactor", mod_mathf with degrees, Chipmunk Physics v0.98)
(N) New fpg editor by PRG
(U) Bennu compiler r228 (04022011)
(N) New advance examples (111AAAgira2D, TotalDevastation2, )
(N) update IDE notepad++ v5.8.6
(U) Installer with new features


Download Here (Download)