lunes, 16 de marzo de 2009

Bennupack 1.4 reloaded

New big pack available...

Download :
Download Full (Here) recommend to download Free Download Manager

Mirror Server2: Rapidshare

Mirror Server3 : (Thanks to Syous)

Changelog :

(N)ew (U)pdate (E)rase (W)arning
= Rev 1.4
(U) Bennu rev22(4feb2009) thanks to SplinterGU, Sandman.
(N) New medium examples.
(N) New dll examples(fsock,image,sdl_net,expand,fgfx,
fire(50% not fixed), FontsTTF,SQLite3, Hiper3D )
(N) FPG and font editor (before in fenixpack)


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